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Tomcat: The Definitive Guide

Tomcat: The Definitive Guide, 9780596101060 (0596101066), O'Reilly, 2007
It takes a book as versatile as its subject to cover Apache Tomcat, the popular open source Servlet and JSP container and high performance web server. Tomcat: The Definitive Guide is a valuable reference for administrators and webmasters, a useful guide for programmers who want to use Tomcat as their web application server during development or in production, and an excellent introduction for anyone interested in Tomcat.

Updated for the latest version of Tomcat, this new edition offers a complete guide to installing, configuring, maintaining and securing this servlet container. In fact, with such a wealth of new information, this is essentially a new book rather than a simple revision. You will find details for using Tomcat on all major platforms, including Windows, Linux, OS X, Solaris, and FreeBSD, along with specifics on Tomcat configuration files, and step-by-step advice for deploying and running web applications.

This book offers complete information for:
  • Installation and startup procedures
  • Configuring Tomcat-including realms, roles, users, servlet sessions, and JNDI resources including JDBC DataSources
  • Deploying web applications-individual servlets and JSP pages, and web application archive files
  • Tuning Tomcat to measure and improve performance
  • Integrating Tomcat with Apache Web Server
  • Securing Tomcat to keep online thugs at bay
  • Tomcat configuration files-server.xml and web.xml, and more
  • Debugging and Troubleshooting-diagnosing problems with Tomcat or a web application
  • Compiling your own Tomcat, rather than using the pre-built release
  • Running two or more Tomcat servlet containers in parallel
About the Author

Jason Brittain is a Senior Principal Software Engineer for Orbital Sciences Corporation, working at NASA's Ames Research Center on the Kepler Space Telescope mission (http://kepler.nasa.gov).

Jason is a co-author of Tomcat: The Definitive Guide, now in its second edition, and has written some web articles for O'Reilly's OnJava.com web site.

Before joining the team on the Kepler mission, Jason was a Senior Software Engineer at Symantec Corporation working on the Brightmail AntiSpam appliance product line's control center web application.

Jason's specialties include Java software development, Tomcat web application development and deployment, scalability and fault tolerance, and Apache Ant build systems, and Linux system administration. He has contributed to many Apache Jakarta projects, and has been an active open source software developer for several years. Ian Darwin has worked in the computer industry for three decades: with Unix since 1980, Java since 1995, and OpenBSD since 1998. He wrote the freeware file(1) command used on Linux and BSD and is the author of "Checking C Programs" with "Lint and Java Cookbook", as well as over 70 articles, in addition to university and commercial course material on C and Unix. Besides programming and consulting, Ian teaches Unix, C, and Java for Learning Tree International, one of the world's largest technical training companies.
Guest: It is very much helpful to developers and learners.
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