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E-Commerce Power: How the Little Guys are Building Brands and Beating the Giants at E-Commerce

In E-Commerce Power, Jason G. Miles shares a practical framework for starting and scaling a profitable e-commerce brand in the age of Amazon.
E-Commerce Power is filled with encouragement, practical advice, tips, strategies, proven online marketing methods - all organized to help online entrepreneurs. Plus a terrific collection of interviews, including:

  • Mike Brown - Death Wish Coffee (pg. 21)
  • Zac Martin - Yellow Hammer Tools (pg. 48)
  • Alex Shirley-Smith - Tentsile (pg. 60)
  • ?Lisa and Jared Madsen - Madsen Cycles (pg. 78)
  • ?Ashley Turner, Farmbox Direct (pg. 94)
  • ?Cinnamon Miles, Pixie Faire (pg. 126)
  • ?Daniel Leake, Catfish Sumo (pg. 168)
  • ?Atulya Bingham, The Mud Home (pg. 214)
In E-commerce Power You Get:

  • Page X (Introduction): An explanation of how most e-commerce sellers fail.
  • Page XIV (Introduction): A practical framework that explains how to scale up an e-commerce business for even the most novice reader called the E-commerce Flywheel.
  • Page XX (Introduction): 16 common e-commerce models.
  • Page XXi (Introduction): The niche brand model & why it's so powerful.
  • Page 2: Goal setting scientific outcomes.
  • Page 4: The Corridor Principle applied to e-commerce.
  • Page 5: The Paul Hawken Goal Setting System.
  • Page 6: The Mike Pettigrew Goal Setting System.
  • Page 7: The Eliyahu Goldratt Goal Setting System.
  • Page 8: The Tony Robbins Goal Setting System.
  • Page 9: The Ikigai Goal Setting System.
  • Page 9: The Harvard If/Then Goal Setting System.
  • Page 10: The Jordan Peterson Future Authoring Goal Setting System.
  • Page 11: 20 Questions To Help You Identify Your E-commerce Goals.
  • Page 17: The Iceberg Framework for creating a powerful brand.
  • Page 19: The Invisible Aspects of a powerful brand.
  • Page 23: Over 25 brand promises you can make (pick one).
  • Page  24: 24 brand archetypes you can use to create a powerful e-commerce brand.
  • Page 35: 8 commons strategies for selecting a valuable brand name.
  • Page 55: How to engineer social adoption.
  • Page 73: Paul Hawken's 7 Product Brainstorming Questions.
  • Page 86: The As-Is Product Audit & The Idea Audit.
  • Page 101: 13 Pricing Principles to help optimize your profit.
  • Page 134: 9 ways to improve your product photography.
  • Page 164: Defensive Marketing explained.
  • Page 175: 9 Mountains Of Traffic (understanding the major sources of traffic).
  • Page 200: Traffic Stacking strategies.
  • Page 212: What Jeff Walker taught us about product launches.
  • Page 226: The 5 Mindsets of an e-commerce manager.
  • Page 232: Robert Kiyosaki's 5 Core Business Concepts. 
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