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Electrical Engineering 101, Second Edition: Everything You Should Have Learned in School...but Probably Didn't

Wow, the success of the original edition of Electrical Engineering 101 has been amazing. I have had fans from all over the world comment on it and how the book has helped them. The response has been all I ever hoped for —so much so that I get a chance to add to it and make an even better version.

Of course, these days you don’t just get a second edition, you get a better edition. This time through, you will get more insight into the topics (maybe a few new topics too), a hardcover with color diagrams, and hopefully a few more chuckles 1 that mostly only we nerdy types will understand.

Written by an expert electronics engineer who enjoys teaching the practical side of engineering, this book covers all the subjects that a beginning EE needs to know: intuitive circuit and signal analysis, physical equivalents of electrical components, proper use of an oscilloscope, troubleshooting both digital and analog circuits, and much more! Even engineers with years in the industry can benefit from the compendium of practical information provided within.


Chapter 0: What is Electricity Really?
Chapter 1: Three Things They Should Have Taught in Engineering 101
Chapter 2: Basic Theory
Chapter 3: Pieces Parts
Chapter 4: The Real World
Chapter 5: Tools
Chapter 6: Troubleshooting
Chapter 7: Touchy-Feely Stuff


*Covers the engineering basics that have been either left out of a typical engineer's education or forgotten over time
*No other book offers a wealth of "insider information" in one volume, specifically geared to help new engineers and provide a refresher for those with more experience
*updated content throughout, including 2-color diagrams and a new 'Chapter 0 - What is Electricity Really?'
*The accompanying CD-ROM contains a reference library of electronics information, with demo simulation software and engineering calculators

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International Directory of Business Biographies Edition 1.
International Directory of Business Biographies Edition 1.
Choice : "Entries are well written and easy to understand, Summing Up: Highly Recommended."
--Choice, June 2005

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