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High-Speed Networking: A Systematic Approach to High-Bandwidth Low-Latency Communication

"Building networks with high performance demanded by today's applications requires a complete understanding of the basic principles and latest techniques. This book is the definitive guide to both."-Lyman Chapin

High-speed networking is the essential enabler of modern sophisticated distributed computing applications. This book provides the first comprehensive and authoritative professional reference for high-speed network architecture and design. Written by recognized experts in the field, this book delivers detailed practical guidance on the principles and practices underlying successful high-speed networking.

Using cutting-edge examples to illustrate issues of performance, hardware, standards, and applications, the authors walk you step-by-step through the entire process of delivering high bandwidth and low latency to distributed networked applications. You'll learn how to balance cost and performance, design strategically for mission-critical needs, and prepare for emerging technologies and trends.

You can also use this book as a springboard to explore the extensive research literature. Among the essential topics discussed, you'll find:
* High-speed architecture and topology and how to achieve large scale in networks
* Network control and signaling, including traffic management and congestion control
* Network subsystems, including routers, switches, and end systems
* Descriptions of transport protocols and end-to-end communications
* High-performance applications and how they interact with underlying protocols and the network

About the Author

JAMES P. G. STERBENZ is Senior Network Scientist and Manager at BBN Technologies. Involved in high-speed technology research and development for many years, he has held leadership positions as chair of IEEE Communications Society Technical Committee on Gigabit Networking and the IFI Protocols for High-Speed Networks international steering committee.

JOSEPH D. TOUCH is Director of the Postel Center for Experimental Networking in the Computer Networks Division of Information Sciences Institute and Research Assistant Professor at USC. He was co-chair of the International Workshop on Protocols for High-Speed Networks.
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