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Hacking Electronics: An Illustrated DIY Guide for Makers and Hobbyists


Bring your electronic inventions to life!

"This full-color book is impressive...there are some really fun projects!" -GeekDad, Wired.com

Who needs an electrical engineering degree? This intuitive guide shows how to wire, disassemble, tweak, and re-purpose everyday devices quickly and easily. Packed with full-color illustrations, photos, and diagrams, Hacking Electronics teaches by doing--each topic features fun, easy-to-follow projects. Discover how to hack sensors, accelerometers, remote controllers, ultrasonic rangefinders, motors, stereo equipment, microphones, and FM transmitters. The final chapter contains useful information on getting the most out of cheap or free bench and software tools.

  • Safely solder, join wires, and connect switches
  • Identify components and read schematic diagrams
  • Understand the how and why of electronics theory
  • Work with transistors, LEDs, and laser diode modules
  • Power your devices with a/c supplies, batteries, or solar panels
  • Get up and running on Arduino boards and pre-made modules
  • Use sensors to detect everything from noxious gas to acceleration
  • Build and modify audio amps, microphones, and transmitters
  • Fix gadgets and scavenge useful parts from dead equipment
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