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Manga Studio 5, Beginner's Guide


An extensive and fun guide to let your imagination on loose using Manga Studio 5


  • Illustrated with real-world examples, we embark on a journey of a comic's creation from initial idea to finished page
  • Discover methods for emulating analog creation digitally and investigate ways of producing unique comics
  • Full of examples and illustrations to make comic creation fun and easy

In Detail

Using Manga Studio 5 to create comics is an enriching experience. Instead of using graphite and ink, we can get creative with digital marking tools. Once you've got to grips with the basic use of these tools, creating comics digitally is just as expressive and fun as creating them on paper.

Manga Studio 5 Beginner's Guide is for beginner and experienced comic artists who are new to Manga Studio. The book delves into the methods of creating a comic, from an idea, character, script, and rough layouts, all the way to the finished art. No matter what character you are creating -superheroes, sci-fi, fantasy, real world, or Manga-Manga Studio 5 Beginner's Guide will be your go-to book for creating comics.

What you will learn from this book

  • Create your own story in Manga Studio 5
  • Learn how to create pages to make them presentable on the Web and on paper
  • Identify ways to make your comics "sound" as good as they look by using software that complements speech balloons created by Manga
  • Master different ways to color your comics
  • Use the 3D posable figures in Manga Studio 5 to augment your own knowledge of anatomy to draw characters in action poses
  • Discover ways to compose a page to direct the reader's attention where you want it to be


Using a step-by-step approach, this book will lead you through the process of building up complex, multi-page comic/Manga art, along with industry insights along the way.

Who this book is written for

"Manga Studio Beginner's Guide" is for beginners in comic creation. The more you know about how comics are made, the better you will be, but it's not essential to get the most out of this book. Even if you're a professional comic artist, this book will get you up to speed on using Manga Studio 5.

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