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Next-Generation Network Services

Next-Generation Network Services, 9781587051593 (1587051591), Cisco Press, 2005

A guide to building service-oriented networks to differentiate and grow your business 

  • Understand the changing landscape of the telecommunications industry and what technologies can lead to business and revenue growth

  • Examine the rise of IP in LAN, WAN, wireless, and global networking applications

  • Learn about the multiservice network architecture, including next-generation ATM, IP/MPLS, MSPP, and MSSP platforms

  • Discover the strategic advantage offered by VPN technologies, including IPsec VPNs, SSL VPNs, wireless VPNs, site-to-site VPNs, Layer 3 and Layer 2 MPLS VPNs, VPLS, multicast VPNs, and multiservice VPNs

  • Get introduced to optical technology components and optical features including SONET/SDH, RPR, DWDM, CWDM, optical Ethernet, and IP over optical

  • Evaluate metropolitan and long-haul optical networks to accommodate rising broadband demands

  • Learn the fundamentals of wireline networks, including narrowband, ISDN, Frame Relay, Digital Loop Carrier, Broadband xDSL, cable, and Ethernet in residential applications

  • Unleash the power of mobility, cellular, and wireless LAN technologies

A new era of network services has evolved to meet the needs of IP-centric networking requirements and customer opportunity. The emphasis is on service as IP has become a prolific communications portal through which to deliver interactive solutions that improve business execution, tie the individual consumer into commerce, and extend market reach by removing the last barriers of time and distance.

 Next-Generation Network Services presents an overview of converged IP network services, focusing on opportunities for service differentiation and introducing current service-oriented technology. These technologies allow service providers and large enterprises to build and operate networks that provide local, long-haul, mobile, and global data and Internet services to businesses and consumers.

 This book explores the service provider opportunity in the new era, discussing what has changed and why a service-centric focus is the new ascendancy. This book introduces an extensive portfolio of network technologies and explains the market advantages and the service value of each solution, including IP, multiservice, virtual private network (VPN), optical, wireline, and wireless networks.

 Whether you are a network architect or engineer driving service innovation within a service provider or enterprise network, or you are a network executive or technology analyst looking to gain a broad overview of the telecommunications sector, Next-Generation Network Services offers you insight into the evolving internetworking technologies that will shape the future of network growth.

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