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PC Repair Bench Book

PC Repair Bench Book, 9780764525780 (0764525786), John Wiley & Sons, 2003
Your one-stop guide to
  • Understanding and repairing motherboards, processors, chipsets, BIOS, and system resources
  • Updating and optimizing memory and aging systems
  • Diagnosing common PC problems and performing routine maintenance
  • Installing and configuring system upgrades
  • Working safely with the electrical components of a PC
  • Troubleshooting peripherals, storage systems and devices, sight and sound systems, and more

Here’s everything you need to know to fix or maintain a PC–and nothing you don’t

If you’re a PC technician, time is money. Bestselling author Ron Gilster trimmed every scrap of fat from this indispensable reference guide, packing it with clear, concise information that helps you do your job. Organized by hardware or component groups–motherboards, storage devices, printers, communications and networking, operating system software, and so on–it’s liberally illustrated for faster comprehension. There’s even a searchable e-version of the book on CD-ROM to help you diagnose problems. This is the one book you can’t afford not to have on your repair bench.

CD-ROM Includes

  • Find-a-Fix tool, which lists many common PC problems and their solutions
  • Bonus content, including glossary and troubleshooting tips
  • Evaluation versions of PC Certify Pro and ToolStar Test demo
About the Author
Ron Gilster has gained experience in virtually every aspect of computing technology during 35 years as a programmer, systems analyst, technician, manager, and executive in a variety of industries. He operates his own consulting business and has written more than a dozen books on hardware, software, programming, networking, and career certification.
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