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Practical Hadoop Security

Practical Hadoop Security, 9781430265443 (1430265442), Apress, 2014

Practical Hadoop Security is an excellent resource for administrators planning a production Hadoop deployment who want to secure their Hadoop clusters. A detailed guide to the security options and configuration within Hadoop itself, author Bhushan Lakhe takes you through a comprehensive study of how to implement defined security within a Hadoop cluster in a hands-on way.

You will start with a detailed overview of all the security options available for Hadoop, including popular extensions like Kerberos and OpenSSH, and then delve into a hands-on implementation of user security (with illustrated code samples) with both in-the-box features and with security extensions implemented by leading vendors.

No security system is complete without a monitoring and tracing facility, so Practical Hadoop Security next steps you through audit logging and monitoring technologies for Hadoop, as well as ready to use implementation and configuration examples--again with illustrated code samples.

The book concludes with the most important aspect of Hadoop security – encryption. Both types of encryptions, for data in transit and data at rest, are discussed at length with leading open source projects that integrate directly with Hadoop at no licensing cost. 

Practical Hadoop Security:

  • Explains importance of security, auditing and encryption within a Hadoop installation
  • Describes how the leading players have incorporated these features within their Hadoop distributions and provided extensions
  • Demonstrates how to set up and use these features to your benefit and make your Hadoop installation secure without impacting performance or ease of use

What you’ll learn

  • Understand your options for implementing Hadoop user security
  • Learn how to configure and set up security for your Hadoop cluster
  • Set up Hadoop audit logs, Hadoop metrics, monitoring technologies and related products
  • Configure and set up logging, metrics and monitoring for your Hadoop cluster
  • Discover and implement encryption for data in transit and data at rest
  • and much more.

Who this book is for

Practical Hadoop Security is an excellent resource for Hadoop administrators who want to secure their environment. IT management planning a production Hadoop environment will also find this text useful. This book is also for students who wish to learn about Hadoop security.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Understanding Security Concepts

Chapter 2. Introducing Hadoop

Chapter 3. Introducing Hadoop Security

Chapter 4. Open Source Authentication in Hadoop

Chapter 5. Implementing Granular Authorization

Chapter 6. Hadoop Logs: Relating and Interpretation

Chapter 7. Monitoring in Hadoop

Chapter 8. Encryption in Hadoop


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