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Python Tools for Visual Studio


Leverage the power of the Visual Studio IDE to develop better and more efficient Python projects


  • Learn how you can take advantage of IDE for debugging and testing Python applications
  • Enhance your efficiency in Django development with Visual Studio IntelliSense
  • Venture into the depths of Python programming concepts, presented in a detailed and clear manner

In Detail

Python Tools for Visual Studio is a free and open source plugin for Visual Studio 2010. It enables developers to use all the major productivity features of Visual Studio to build Python code using either CPython or IronPython and includes new features such as High Performance Computing clusters to scale your code. The integrated code navigation and IntelliSense in PTVS empowers users to speed up the coding process.

This book provides a detailed insight into Python tools in Visual studio to help Python developers implement a more productive and efficient workflow.

Starting with the installation and configuration of PTVS, you will be familiarized with the various tools and panels available. Throughout the book, you will learn how to speed up coding sessions with handy tips on refactoring and debugging. Moving on towards IntelliSense and the project setup, you will also learn about how PTVS does project handling, and how you can use Python environments for your project.

You then round off things by delving into Django development and its library management in Visual Studio to develop advanced web applications.

What you will learn from this book

  • Gain valuable insights on how to use IntelliSense with Python
  • Discover how to navigate code and objects with relative ease in REPL and code panel tools
  • Configure a set up for Django development and library management
  • Familiarize yourself with hosting a Django app on Azure
  • Learn all about project handling and the debugging process with PTVS
  • Understand about various project types in PTVS with basic examples


This is a hands-on guide that provides exemplary coverage of all the features and concepts related to PTVS.

Who this book is written for

The book is intended for developers who are aiming to enhance their productivity in Python projects with automation tools that Visual Studio provides for the .Net community. Some basic knowledge of Python programming is essential.

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