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SQL Server 2000 Stored Procedure Programming


Design, deploy, and manage stored procedures in enterprise data applications

SQL Server 2000 Stored Procedure Programming shows you how to use Transact-SQL to design, debug, and manage custom stored procedures, functions, and triggers. You'll learn to manage SQL Server resources using new features of Enterprise Manager, Query analyzer, Visual Basic, and Visual Studio, implement robust error handling, and establish the professional habits you need to become an expert SQL Server developer. This guide contains simple explanations for developers who are just starting to work with stored procedures and advanced recommendations and techniques for experienced DBAs. SQL Server stored procedures and advanced recommendations and techniques for experienced DBAs. SQL Server experts provide concise explanations, design recommendations, many examples, and a real-world case study.

  • Design user-defined, system, temporary, global temporary, extended, remote, and nested stored procedures
  • Adopt tips and tricks using identity, timestamp, sql_variant, uniqueidentifier, optimistic locking, dynamically constructed queries, temporary tables, and cursors
  • Write code to interact with COM, mai, executables, the Registry, jobs, and security
  • Manage application security
  • Locate and fix semantic errors using TSQL Debugger in Query Analyzer, Visual Basic, or Visual Studio, and using manual debugging techniques
  • Create user-defined, table-valued, and in-line functions
  • Design instead-of triggers and after triggers
  • Manage transactions and locks
  • Develop dynamic, Web-based applications using SQL Server's XML capabilities
About the Author
Dejan Sunderic (Toronto, Ontario) MCSD is the Principal Consultant at Sage Information Consultants, Inc., a consulting company based in Toronto specializing in development and infrastructure solutions. Tom Woodhead, MA, is an independent documentation and marketing consultant who has worked with development teams in diverse environments, including multinational corporations, software companies of all sizes, and Internet start-ups.
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