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The All-New Switch Book: The Complete Guide to LAN Switching Technology

The much-anticipated update to the bestselling book on LAN switching

Since the publication of the first edition of The Switch Book seven years ago, LAN switching has witnessed significant changes, particularly in the areas of network layers, Ethernet, fast Ethernet, segmenting LANs, layer 3 switching, layer 4 switching, and multi-layer switching, to name just a few. With this updated guide, you'll discover the latest capabilities of LAN switches and get in-depth coverage of the abstract engineering principles behind switch operations in addition to the practical application of those principles in commercial products.

Coauthored by an innovator who has been at the forefront of networking technology for more than two decades, this unique resource begins by laying the foundation of the core technologies underlying LAN switch design, including network architecture, addressing, LAN technology, and LAN standards. Building on those fundamentals, the book goes on to investigate the many advanced features, as well as the possibilities, that exist in modern switches. From there, you'll dive into the technical details of transparent bridges as they are used between similar and dissimilar technologies. You'll learn that, along with the performance advantages that are offered by switches, comes an increase in features, options, and complexity.

With more than forty percent new and updated material, this second edition of The All-New Switch Book explains:

  • The problems of link congestion that arise from the deployment of LAN switches

  • How switches and end stations can use a group of independent LAN segments as if they were a single link

  • Security concerns that environments need to be aware of, and how to prevent attacks

  • The concepts and operation of source routing in both end stations and bridges

  • The various uses for Virtual LANs (VLANs) as well as the key concepts employed by devices that implement VLAN capability

About the Author

Rich Seifert is President of Networks & Communications Consulting. He has contributed to the design of a wide range of products including LAN switches.

Jim Edwards is a Nortel Networks certified support specialist specializing in network architecture, specifically switching, and virtual private networks. Working in the Premium Support Group consisting of Nortel's largest Enterprise customers, he has extensive experience with switching technologies.

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