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The C++ Programming Language (hardcover) (4th Edition)


The new C++11 standard allows programmers to express ideas more clearly, simply, and directly, and to write faster, more efficient code. Bjarne Stroustrup, the designer and original implementer of C++, has reorganized, extended, and completely rewritten his definitive reference and tutorial for programmers who want to use C++ most effectively.


The C++ Programming Language, Fourth Edition, delivers meticulous, richly explained, and integrated coverage of the entire language—its facilities, abstraction mechanisms, standard libraries, and key design techniques. Throughout, Stroustrup presents concise, “pure C++11” examples, which have been carefully crafted to clarify both usage and program design. To promote deeper understanding, the author provides extensive cross-references, both within the book and to the ISO standard.


New C++11 coverage includes

  • Support for concurrency
  • Regular expressions, resource management pointers, random numbers, and improved containers
  • General and uniform initialization, simplified for-statements, move semantics, and Unicode support
  • Lambdas, general constant expressions, control over class defaults, variadic templates, template aliases, and user-defined literals
  • Compatibility issues 

Topics addressed in this comprehensive book include

  • Basic facilities: type, object, scope, storage, computation fundamentals, and more
  • Modularity, as supported by namespaces, source files, and exception handling
  • C++ abstraction, including classes, class hierarchies, and templates in support of a synthesis of traditional programming, object-oriented programming, and generic programming
  • Standard Library: containers, algorithms, iterators, utilities, strings, stream I/O, locales, numerics, and more
  • The C++ basic memory model, in depth 

This fourth edition makes C++11 thoroughly accessible to programmers moving from C++98 or other languages, while introducing insights and techniques that even cutting-edge C++11 programmers will find indispensable.


This is a hardcover version of the Fourth Edition. Content in this hardcover and the paperback version is identical.


This book features an enhanced, layflat binding, which allows the book to stay open more easily when placed on a flat surface. This special binding method—noticeable by a small space inside the spine—also increases durability.

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