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The CISSP Prep Guide: Mastering the Ten Domains of Computer Security

A one-stop source of information covering everything you’ll need to know in order to pass the CISSP examination

The CISSP Prep Guide

From stolen intellectual proprietary and denial of service attacks to unauthorized use of critical resources and computer viruses, e-business companies face numerous threats each day that can cost millions of dollars. The need for these companies to protect their networks and information systems has, in turn, created an unprecedented demand for information systems security professionals. In fact, today’s companies are fiercely headhunting for Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP). Based on the extensive test experience of the authors, this book serves as both a prep guide for IT professionals seeking to advance their careers through CISSP certification and as a reference on fundamental and emerging information security knowledge. It focuses on the common body of knowledge (CBK) as defined by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (IS C)2. The ten domains of the CBK are covered in detail, including security management, cryptography, disaster recovery planning, and telecommunications security. Each domain of the CBK is then followed by a series of sample practice questions that are similar to those that you’ll encounter on the CISSP examination, helping you better prepare for and pass the exam.

This comprehensive book:

  • Covers the fundamental content of the CBK in a way that is independent of the breakdown or possible merger of the domains
  • Provides questions on each CBK domain along with explanations of the answers
  • Reflects the most recent advances in the information security field
  • Avoids the extraneous mathematical derivations, presenting only the information you’ll need to know for the CISSP examination
  • Includes valuable reference material and explores advanced topics in the appendices

About the Author

RONALD L. KRUTZ is a lead instructor for the CISSP CBK review seminars. He spent twenty-four years at Carnegie Mellon University as a faculty member and then as an R&D Director at the Carnegie Mellon University Research Institute. Dr. Krutz is a Senior Information Security Consultant for Corbett Technologies, specializing in information assurance appraisal methodologies. He holds a PhD in Computer Engineering, is a registered Professional Engineer, and is a CISSP. He is the author of two previous Wiley books, Microprocessors and Logic Design and Microcomputer Interfacing.

RUSSELL DEAN VINES is President of the RDVGroup, a NYC-based security consulting services firm, and has been involved in computer security for nearly twenty years. He is a frequent speaker on security methodology, wireless security, and best practices in the information industry, and is also an instructor for the CISSP CBK review seminars. He has helped design and build the security architecture for Fortune 1000 Companies worldwide. He is a CISSP, CCNA, MCSE, MCNE, and a National Security Agency/IAM professional. Mr. Vines is also an accomplished jazz composer, performer, and educator.

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