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Adobe InDesign CS2 @work: Projects You Can Use on the Job


Adobe InDesign CS2 is a powerful, but complicated, page layout technology. Sure, learning how to use the various tools and techniques is important, but what you really need and want to know is how to put those tools and techniques to use to complete projects at work. That's where Adobe InDesign CS2 @ Work: Projects You Can Use on the Job comes into play. The InDesign tools and basics are introduced to you in the first three chapters. After that, you will accomplish a variety of real-world job tasks with detailed instructions that allow for personalization. The projects you will learn to tackle include:

  • Business Collateral

  • Marketing Materials

  • Newspaper/Magazine Ads and Posters

  • Brochures

  • Interactive Reports/Presentations

  • Monthly Newsletters

  • Product Catalogues

  • Order Forms

  • Annual Reports

Tips, tricks and notes provide you with the information that you need to carry over what you learn in Adobe InDesign CS2 @ Work: Projects You Can Use on the Job to your job. Put your knowledge and talents to work!

About author

Cate Indiano, owner and president of DesktopMedia, has been working in the graphic arts industry for the last 17 years training and consulting with graphic arts professionals throughout the Midwest. Cate has a degree in public and corporate communications from Butler University, is a certified technical trainer, and an Adobe certified instructor. She and her staff technically support, train, and consult to the creative and production community of graphic arts.

Not only does Cate relish her work with her clients, but she also is active in curriculum development for DesktopMedia's application-based and skills-based training programs. On the consulting side, workflow is her passion and her clients invite her to examine their hand-offs, expose their inefficiencies, and improve their bottom lines.

Having worked with clients just like you for more than 16 years, this is her first book. She has worked with many graphic arts professionals over the years, and this book is filled with real-world examples of projects she has encountered repeatedly throughout her professional journey.

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