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Beginning Windows 8

Beginning Windows 8, 9781430244318 (1430244313), Apress, 2012

Windows 8 has been described by Microsoft as its ‘boldest’ Windows release ever. Beginning Windows 8 takes you through the new features and helps you get more out of the familiar to reveal the possibilities for this amazing new operating system.

You will learn, with non-technical language used throughout, how to get up and running in the new Windows interface, minimize downtime, maximize productivity, and harness the features you never knew existed to take control of your computer and enjoy the peace of mind and excitement that comes with it.

From tips and tweaks to easy-to-follow guides and detailed descriptions, this book takes you inside Windows 8 to discover the true power and flexibility that lies within, and guides you at your own pace through getting the very best from it.

What you’ll learn

  • About the ins and outs of the Windows 8 interface and its new features
  • How to install and configure Windows 8 to give trouble-free performance 
  • How to personalize your Windows experience
  • How to use your computer to connect to devices and services in the home, at work, and on the move
  • How to maximize your productivity with Windows 8
  • How to secure and configure Windows 8 to guarantee a safe and secure experience

Who this book is for

Beginning Windows 8 is for people new to Windows or who just want to get up to speed with Windows 8. This book also can help people who already know how to perform routine tasks learn how to get more out of Windows, their computer and their time. Whether you want to get up and running with Windows 8, or want to go to the next level and  learn useful ways to minimize problems, maximize performance, and optimize your overall Windows expereince, this book is for you.

Table of Contents

  1. Introducing Windows 8
  2. Finding Your Way Around Windows 8
  3. Getting Online and Connecting to Networks
  4. Sharing with Family and Friends
  5. Organizing and Searching Your Computer
  6. Printing and Managing Printers
  7. Having Fun with Games, Photos, Music, and Video
  8. Maximizing Your Productivity
  9. Personalizing Your Windows Experience
  10. Making Windows 8 More Accessible and Easier to Use
  11. Keeping Yourself, Your Files, and Your Computer Safe
  12. Maintaining and Backing Up Your Computer and Files
  13. Advanced Configuration and Customization
  14. Getting Started with Virtualization
  15. Installing Windows 8 on Your Computer
  16. Appendix A. Windows 8 Touch Gestures
  17. Appendix B. Windows 8 Shortcut Keys
  18. Appendix C. Advanced Query Syntax for Search
  19. Appendix D. Upgrading Your Computer


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