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Biology Demystified (TAB Demystified)

Guide to understanding basic and applied scientific information, for those who've had not formal training in biology. Includes more than 150 illustrations, a pronunciation guide, self-tests, and reviews. Softcover. DLC: Biology.


If you're years removed from your last high school biology class -- or if you're just starting out as a student -- here's a fast, effective and entertaining way to learn the fundamental facts and concepts of biology.

Written in straightforward, easy-to-grasp language, Biology Demystified will help you understand basic and applied scientific information. As a result, you'll gain "instant expertise" in biology -- even if you've had no previous formal training in the sciences. The author, an experienced biology professor, uses a host of clever techniques to help you soak up what you really need to know, including:

* Presenting "big picture" principles first -- followed by the details
* More than 150 illustrations for solid grounding in basic life sciences
* "Biological Order vs. Disorder" icons for easy category recognition
* A pronunciation guide for difficult biology terms
* Frequent self-testing and reviews to help you retain information
* The original Latin/Greek meanings of many biological terms with entertaining and informative illustrations
* And much, much more!

So if you're looking for a deeper understanding of the world around you, let Biology Demystified be your shortcut!

About the Author

Dr. Dale Layman (Joliet, IL) is a Professor of Biology and Human Anatomy & Physiology at Joliet Junior College. A resident of Joliet, Illinois, Dr. Layman is a frequent author with many international honors and awards. He has more than 28 years of experience in the field of biological sciences.

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