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C# Primer: A Practical Approach

C# Primer: A Practical Approach, 9780201729559 (0201729555), Addison Wesley, 2001
Now Stan Lippman brings you C# using his famed primer format. C# PRIMER is a
comprehensive, example-driven introduction to this new object-oriented programming

C# is a cornerstone of Microsoft's new .NET platform. Inheriting many features from both
Java and C++, C# is destined to become the high-level programming language of choice
for building high-performance Windows and Web applications and components--from XMLbased
Web services to middle-tier business objects and system-level applications.
First, you will tour the language, looking at built-in features such as the class mechanism,
class inheritance, and interface inheritance--all while you build small programs. Next, you
will explore the various library domains supported within the .NET class framework. You
will also learn how to use the language and class framework to solve problems and build
quality programs.

Highlights include:

• Covers fundamentals such as namespaces, exception handling, and unified type
• Presents a wide-ranging tour of the .NET class library, introducing ADO.NET and
establishing database connections and the use of XML
• Provides XML programming using the firehose and DOM parser models, XSLT,
XPATH, and schemas
• Focuses on ASP.NET Web Form Designer, walking through the page life-cycle and
caching, and providing a large number of examples.
• Introduces .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR)
Adding C# to your toolbox will not only improve your Web-based programming ability, but
also increase your productivity. C# PRIMER provides a solid foundation to build upon and a
refreshingly unbiased voice on Microsoft's vehicle to effective and efficient Web-based
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XML for Data Architects: Designing for Reuse and Integration

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