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Cloud and Fog Computing in 5G Mobile Networks: Emerging Advances and Applications (Iet Telecommunications)


Now diffused among end-user devices in mobile and wireline networks, the "cloud" is becoming the "fog." This book focuses on the challenges and solutions related to cloud and fog computing for 5G mobile networks and presents novel approaches to the frameworks and schemes that carry out storage, communication, computation, and control in the fog/cloud paradigm. These novel approaches support the Internet of Things (IoT), the efficient provision of heterogeneous 5G mobile services, and emerging applications over future wireless network architectures. Elaborating on the emerging mobile networking paradigms for the 2020 5G time frame, the book discusses recent and new developments, prompting future directions on the theories, practices, standards, and strategies related to 5G mobile. It also presents new connectivity services that are highly scalable and programmable, and it highlights recent developments related to 5G mobile systems.

Topics covered include:

* Network storage
* Internet of Things (IoT)
* Heterogeneous 5G mobile services
* 5G green mobile networks
* Cloudlet-based architectures in mobile cloud computing environments
* Software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV)
* FOG-enabled navigation system
* FIWARE and IoT technologies
* Real time video distribution
* Hybrid resource sharing
* Energy efficiency in cognitive radio networks
* Edge computing in future 5G mobile networks
* Virtual network functions over cloud infrastructures

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