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CSS Cookbook, 3rd Edition (Animal Guide)


What people are saying about CSS Cookbook

"Christopher's fantastic cookbook will give you solutions to pretty much all of the CSS problems you'll come up against in your day-to-day web design work, saving you bags of time and frustration. This guy is one of the industry's brightest minds -- he really knows his stuff."

--Chris Mills, Opera Software

Learn how to solve the real problems you face with CSS. This cookbook offers hundreds of practical examples for using CSS to format your web pages, and includes code samples you can use right away. You'll find exactly what you need, from the basics to complex hacks and workarounds.

Each recipe explains how to customize a solution to meet your needs, and each chapter features a sample design that showcases the topics discussed. You'll learn about the behavior of the latest browsers-including IE 8, Firefox 3, Safari 4, and Google Chrome-and how you can resolve differences in the ways they display your web pages. Arranged in a convenient format for quick reference, this third edition is a valuable companion for anyone working with CSS.

  • Learn the basics, such as the CSS rule structure
  • Work with web typography and page layout
  • Create effects for images and other page elements
  • Learn techniques for configuring lists, forms, and tables
  • Design effective web navigation and create custom links
  • Get creative by combining CSS with JavaScript
  • Learn useful troubleshooting techniques
  • Explore features of HTML5 and CSS3
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