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CSS Mastery

CSS Mastery, 9781430258636 (1430258632), Apress, 2016

Fully updated to the latest CSS modules, make the journey to CSS mastery as simple and painless as possible. This book dives into advanced aspects of CSS-based design, such as responsive design, modular CSS, and CSS typography. Through a series of easy-to-follow tutorials, you will learn practical CSS techniques you can immediately start using in your daily work.

CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions is your indispensable guide to cutting-edge CSS development―this book demystifies the secrets of CSS. While CSS is a relatively simple technology to learn, it is a difficult one to master. When you first start developing sites using CSS, you will come across all kinds of infuriating browser bugs and inconsistencies. It sometimes feels like there are a million and one different techniques to master, spread across a bewildering array of websites. The range of possibilities seems endless and makes for a steep and daunting learning curve.

While most books concentrate on basic skills, this one is different, assuming that you already know the basics and why you should be using CSS in your work, and concentrating mainly on advanced techniques. This new edition covers all of the CSS fundamentals such as the importance of meaningful markup, how to structure and maintain your code, and how the CSS layout model really works.

This new edition contains:

  • New examples and updated browser support information
  • Full coverage of modular CSS and responsive design
  • Essential information on CSS typography and layout control 
What You'll Learn
Who This Book Is For
  • Discover the best practice concepts in CSS design
  • Master the most important (and tricky) parts of CSS
  • Identify and fix the most common CSS problems
  • Deal with the most common bugs
  • See the latest information on CSS features and support 
Intermediate and advanced web designers and developers. It offers a quick recap of the main points of CSS, while dispelling some common myths, but then moves forward to delve into the higher-level aspects of CSS. It contains fully up-to-date information throughout, and acts as a one-stop-shop for current CSS best practices.   
Programming with Mathematica®: An Introduction
Programming with Mathematica®: An Introduction

Starting from first principles, this book covers all of the foundational material needed to develop a clear understanding of the Mathematica language, with a practical emphasis on solving problems. Concrete examples throughout the text demonstrate how Mathematica language, can be used to solve problems in science, engineering,...

Scientific and Statistical Database Management: 23rd International Conference, SSDBM 2011
Scientific and Statistical Database Management: 23rd International Conference, SSDBM 2011

Welcome to the proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database Management held in Portland, Oregon, where it celebrated its 30th birthday. The first incarnation of SSDBM (then called the Workshop on Statistical Database Management) took place in Menlo Park, California, in December 1981. Since...

Domesday: The Inquest and the Book
Domesday: The Inquest and the Book
Domesday Book is the oldest and most precious of the public records, but historians still disagree on its purpose. In arguing that the writing of Domesday Book was no part of the Domesday survey, this book proposed a solution to a riddle that will change our perception of the Norman Conquest and Norman kingship.


iPad For Seniors For Dummies (Computer/Tech)
iPad For Seniors For Dummies (Computer/Tech)

The full-color guide to the exciting new iPad, written specifically with the needs of seniors in mind!

The iPad is the perfect device for the senior market, combining the Web, e-mail, photos, video, and book reading into an intuitive, portable device. Written by veteran Dummies author Nancy Muir, this fun and friendly guide...

Foundation PHP for Flash
Foundation PHP for Flash
Written for the Flash developer who wants to do more, Steve Webster's PHP for Flash shows how to combine simple server-side scripts with Flash to create smarter, more versatile Web applications. With a truly engaging writing style and a sharp visual sense, this title will let any working Flash programmer make the transition to simple...
Using Docker: Developing and Deploying Software with Containers
Using Docker: Developing and Deploying Software with Containers

Docker containers offer simpler, faster, and more robust methods for developing, distributing, and running software than previously available. With this hands-on guide, you’ll learn why containers are so important, what you’ll gain by adopting Docker, and how to make it part of your development...

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