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Data Structures and Algorithmic Thinking with Go: Data Structure and Algorithmic Puzzles


Peeling Data Structures and Algorithms:

The sample chapter should give you a very good idea of the quality and style of our book. In particular, be sure you are comfortable with the level and with our GoLang coding style. This book focuses on giving solutions for complex problems in data structures and algorithm. It even provides multiple solutions for a single problem, thus familiarizing readers with different possible approaches to the same problem. 

"Data Structure and Algorithmic Thinking with Go" is designed to give a jump-start to programmers, job hunters, and those who are appearing for exams. All the code in this book is written in GoLang. It contains many programming puzzles that not only encourage analytical thinking but also prepare readers for interviews. This book, with its focused and practical approach, can help readers quickly pick up the concepts and techniques for developing efficient and effective solutions to problems.

Topics Covered:

  • Organization of chapters
  • Introduction
  • Recursion and Backtracking
  • Linked Lists
  • Stacks
  • Queues
  • Trees
  • Priority Queue and Heaps
  • Disjoint Sets ADT
  • Graph Algorithms
  • Sorting   
  • Searching   
  • Selection Algorithms [Medians]   
  • Symbol Tables   
  • Hashing   
  • String Algorithms   
  • Algorithms Design Techniques   
  • Greedy Algorithms   
  • Divide and Conquer Algorithms   
  • Dynamic Programming   
  • Complexity Classes   
  • Miscellaneous Concepts   
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