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Developing RESTful Web Services with Jersey 2.0


Learn how to design and implement a test automation framework block by block


  • A simple and easy demonstration of the important concepts will enable you to translate abstract ideas into practice
  • Each chapter begins with an outline and a brief statement of content to help the reader establish perspective
  • An alternative approach to developing generic components for test automation

In Detail

As software testing is maturing, the focus is shifting towards test automation. The key is to learn and grow skills in framework designing and start contributing to project organization goals.

Through a helpful mix of conceptual and practical aspects, you will learn everything you need to know related to the implementation of frameworks using QTP. Through simple examples, you will gradually develop the skills needed to execute concepts and code blocks used to design and implement the test automation framework.

This tutorial-based guide demonstrates an easy way to implement concepts to create a portable framework across the various versions of QTP. You will learn about the automation lifecycle and gradually develop technical concepts related to each phase. Within a short amount of time, you will be able to deal with challenges in test automation. "Designing and Implementing Test Automation Frameworks with QTP" uses a simple, yet elegant approach and gives the reader all the skills and knowledge they need to implement the framework.

What you will learn from this book

  • Understand the test automation lifecycle, as well as the goals that drive and guide its framework design
  • Grasp the basic features of QTP that help in creating frameworks
  • Learn about the various goals of each level of framework and how they drive the designing of the framework
  • Create basic building block supports
  • Understand the types of framework and how to design and use them
  • Use Javascript and HTMLDOM effectively
  • Capture lessons learnt in framework designing and share those experiences
  • Deploy and maintain frameworks
  • Build an XPath expression, locate the elements and perform an action on it


A tutorial-based approach, showing basic coding and designing techniques to build test automation frameworks.

Who this book is written for

If you are a beginner, an automation engineer, an aspiring test automation engineer, a manual tester, a test lead or a test architect who wants to learn, create, and maintain test automation frameworks, this book will accelerate your ability to develop and adapt the framework.

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