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Getting Started with Containerization: Reduce the operational burden on your system by automating and managing your containers


Choose the smarter way to learn about containerizing your applications and running them in production.

Key Features

  • Deploy and manage highly scalable, containerized applications with Kubernetes
  • Build high-availability Kubernetes clusters
  • Secure your applications via encapsulation, networks, and secrets

Book Description

Kubernetes is an open source orchestration platform for managing containers in a cluster environment. This Learning Path introduces you to the world of containerization, in addition to providing you with an overview of Docker fundamentals. As you progress, you will be able to understand how Kubernetes works with containers. Starting with creating Kubernetes clusters and running applications with proper authentication and authorization, you'll learn how to create high-availability Kubernetes clusters on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and also learn how to use kubeconfig to manage different clusters. Whether it is learning about Docker containers and Docker Compose, or building a continuous delivery pipeline for your application, this Learning Path will equip you with all the right tools and techniques to get started with containerization.

By the end of this Learning Path, you will have gained hands-on experience of working with Docker containers and orchestrators, including SwarmKit and Kubernetes.

This Learning Path includes content from the following Packt products:

  • Kubernetes Cookbook - Second Edition by Hideto Saito, Hui-Chuan Chloe Lee, and Ke-Jou Carol Hsu
  • Learn Docker - Fundamentals of Docker 18.x by Gabriel N. Schenker

What you will learn

  • Build your own container cluster
  • Run a highly distributed application with Docker Swarm or Kubernetes
  • Update or rollback a distributed application with zero downtime
  • Containerize your traditional or microservice-based application
  • Build a continuous delivery pipeline for your application
  • Track metrics and logs for every container in your cluster
  • Implement container orchestration to streamline deploying and managing applications

Who this book is for

This beginner-level Learning Path is designed for system administrators, operations engineers, DevOps engineers, and developers who want to get started with Docker and Kubernetes. Although no prior experience with Docker is required, basic knowledge of Kubernetes and containers will be helpful.

Table of Contents

  1. What Are Containers and Why Should I Use Them?
  2. Setting up a Working Environment
  3. Working with Containers
  4. Creating and Managing Container Images
  5. Data Volumes and System Management
  6. Distributed Application Architecture
  7. Single-Host Networking
  8. Docker Compose
  9. Orchestrators
  10. Introduction to Docker Swarm
  11. Zero Downtime Deployments and Secrets
  12. Building Your Own Kubernetes Cluster
  13. Walking through Kubernetes Concepts
  14. Playing with Containers
  15. Building High-Availability Clusters
  16. Building Continuous Delivery Pipelines
  17. Building Kubernetes on AWS
  18. Advanced Cluster Administration
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