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Hacking GPS (ExtremeTech)

Hacking GPS (ExtremeTech), 9780764584244 (0764584243), John Wiley & Sons, 2005
You'll get lost in this book, but nowhere else

Your GPS is a really cool toy, but what if you could make it even cooler? What if you could build and hook up data cables, modify your iPAQ cradle to take a GPS connection, tweak the firmware, hook up to your PC without expensive software, use GPS data in a hundred creative ways, even solar-power your GPS? Suppose you could beef up your "first to find" quotient when geocaching, or use your GPS as a super-accurate clock. Well, you can. Read on—your adventure is just beginning!

Here's how to soup up your GPS

Covers both Garmin and Magellan models

  1. Crack the secret codes
  2. Build auxiliary battery packs
  3. Navigate with your GPS
  4. Make power and data cables
  5. Sharpen your signal
  6. Keep firmware update
  7. Hack out a PC connectio
  8. Create and load dat
  9. Grab screenshots on the move
  10. Set up an atomic clock
  11. Customize GPS games
  12. Discover paper-free geocaching
About the Author

Kathie Kingsley-Hughes
has authored several technical/programming books and contributes regularly to a variety of forums on GPS and other high-tech outdoor devices. A zealous hiker, backpacker, and geocacher, she is rarely seen without her GPS (and usually a digital camera, spare batteries, sleeping bag, and similar survival gear!)
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