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IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence: The Official Guide


The Only Authorized Guide to IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence

Develop, deploy, and maintain a complete BI solution across your enterprise. IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence: The Official Guide shows you how to take full advantage of the robust service-oriented architecture and simplified role-based user interfaces. Learn how to create, share, and analyze data-rich reports that lead to increased productivity and better business decisions. Featuring real-world insight and expert tips, this is a must-have guide for IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence users of all levels, from administrators to end users.

  • Measure and monitor performance using dashboards and scorecards    
  • Assign user roles and privileges            
  • Provide complete and consistent access to a broad range of data sources via Cognos Connection
  • Use Cognos 8 Go! to extend BI to Office applications, mobile devices, and search engines
  • Enable business users to create reports with Query Studio
  • Develop new insights by exploring data in multiple dimensions and perspectives with Analysis Studio
  • Build Dimensional Reports with Report Studio
  • Use Event Studio to identify and deliver mission-critical information
  • Create, modify, organize, and publish a model from Cognos Framework Manager        
  • Implement sound security measures
  • Take advantage of the management tools in Cognos Administration to ensure maximum reliability and availability
About the Author

Dan Volitich is president and owner of John Daniel Associates, a Cognos-exclusive partner serving Fortune and mid-market enterprises in the Business Intelligence market for more than a decade. In recognition of Dan's product expertise, John Daniel is one of 12 companies worldwide to have successfully completed all technical requirements for Cognos Accredited Partner status.

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