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Internet of Things Projects with ESP32: Build exciting and powerful IoT projects using the all-new Espressif ESP32


Create and program Internet of Things projects using the Espressif ESP32.

Key Features

  • Getting to know the all new powerful EPS32 boards and build interesting Internet of Things projects
  • Configure your ESP32 to the cloud technologies and explore the networkable modules that will be utilised in your IoT projects
  • A step-by-step guide that teaches you the basic to advanced IoT concepts with ESP32

Book Description

ESP32 is a low-cost MCU with integrated Wi-Fi and BLE. Various modules and development boards-based on ESP32 are available for building IoT applications easily. Wi-Fi and BLE are a common network stack in the Internet of Things application. These network modules can leverage your business and projects needs for cost-effective benefits.

This book will serve as a fundamental guide for developing an ESP32 program. We will start with GPIO programming involving some sensor devices. Then we will study ESP32 development by building a number of IoT projects, such as weather stations, sensor loggers, smart homes, Wi-Fi cams and Wi-Fi wardriving. Lastly, we will enable ESP32 boards to execute interactions with mobile applications and cloud servers such as AWS.

By the end of this book, you will be up and running with various IoT project-based ESP32 chip.

What you will learn

  • Understand how to build a sensor monitoring logger
  • Create a weather station to sense temperature and humidity using ESP32
  • Build your own W-iFi wardriving with ESP32. Use BLE to make interactions between ESP32 and Android
  • Understand how to create connections to interact between ESP32 and mobile applications
  • Learn how to interact between ESP32 boards and cloud servers
  • Build an IoT Application-based ESP32 board

Who this book is for

This book is for those who want to build a powerful and inexpensive IoT projects using the ESP32.Also for those who are new to IoT, or those who already have experience with other platforms such as Arduino, ESP8266, and Raspberry Pi.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting started with ESP32
  2. Making Visual Data and Animation on LCD
  3. Building A Simple Game Embedded
  4. Making Sensor Monitoring Logger
  5. Controlling IoT Device over Internet
  6. Building IoT Weather Station
  7. Making own WiFi Wardriving
  8. Building Own WiFi Cam
  9. Making IOT Devices Interact with Mobile Applications
  10. Building IoT Monitoring with Cloud Technology
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