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Investing in Fixer-Uppers

Investing in Fixer-Uppers, 9780071414333 (0071414339), McGraw-Hill, 2003

How to get rich fast by making ugly houses beautiful!

Want to find great opportunities and make big bucks in the hottest business there is? Now you can take advantage the nation's huge and growing demand for quality housing and get rich doing it! Investing in Fixer-Uppers helps you develop the knowledge and expertise you need to buy run-down properties at bargain rates, make just the right renovations, and sell or rent for enormous profits!

Nationally recognized real estate guru "Fixer Jay" DeCima shows you how to add tens, even hundreds of thousand of dollars to the value of a dilapidated building while risking little or none of your own money. You'll discover how to substitute personal skills for traditional down payments, learn strategies for turning a profit without waiting for appreciation, and find dozens of other money-making tips, including how to:

  • Find the right properties and seek out a motivated seller
  • Work with the right real estate agents who multiply your profits
  • Learn what's possible to fix and what to leave alone
  • Get free government fix-up money and low interest housing loans
  • Double the property value and increase the income 50% within 18 months
  • Create equity fast with minimal cash upfront
  • Bring in an investor to help your cash flow
  • Leverage short-term profits into a lifetime of wealth
  • Learn what kind of fix-up work pays you the most money
  • Convert people problems into big paydays
  • Buy properties not listed for sale
  • How much to pay for every property you buy
  • Profit with a co-investor
  • Earn 50% of the profits for a 10% investment

Rule #1 for profiting in real estate is ACT NOW! Start by reading Investing in Fixer-Uppers, and put yourself on the road to financial independence.

About the Author

Jay P. DeCima, known in the real estate industry as "Fixer Jay," owns more than 200 previously run-down homes, hosts seminars for fixer-upper investors around the United States, and publishes a monthly newsletter, Trade Secrets, for do-it-yourself real estate investors and career changers.

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