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iPhone User Interface Design Projects

iPhone User Interface Design Projects, 9781430223597 (1430223596), Apress, 2009

With over 100,000 iPhone applications and 125,000 registered iPhone developers, is it still possible to create a top-selling app that stands apart from the six-figure crowd? Of course, but you’ll need more than a great idea and flawless code—an eye-catching and functional user interface design is essential. With this book, you’ll get practical advice on user interface design from 10 innovative developers who, like you, have sat wondering how to best utilize the iPhone’s minimal screen real estate. Their stories illustrate precisely why, with more apps and more experienced, creative developers, no iPhone app can succeed without a great UI.

Whatever type of iPhone project you have in mind—social networking app, game, or reference tool—you’ll benefit from the information presented in this book. More than just tips and pointers, you’ll learn from the authors’ hands-on experiences, including:

  • Dave Barnard of App Cubby on how to use Apple’s User Interface conventions and test for usability to assure better results
  • Joachim Bondo, creator of Deep Green Chess, beats a classic design problem of navigating large dataset results in the realm of the iPhone
  • Former Apple employee Dan Burcaw tailors user interfaces and adds the power of CoreLocation, Address Book, and Camera to the social networking app, Brightkite
  • David Kaneda takes his Basecamp project management client, Outpost, from a blank page (literally) to a model of dashboard clarity
  • Craig Kemper focuses on the smallest details to create his award-winning puzzle games TanZen and Zentomino
  • Tim Novikoff, a graduate student in applied math with no programming experience, reduces a complex problem to simplicity in Flash of Genius: SAT Vocab
  • Long-time Mac developer Chris Parrish goes into detail on the creation of the digital postcard app, Postage, which won the 2009 Apple Design Award
  • Flash developer Keith Peters provides solutions for bringing games that were designed for a desktop screen to the small, touch-sensitive world of the iPhone
  • Jürgen Siebert, creator of FontShuffle, outlines the anatomy of letters and how to select the right fonts for maximum readability on the iPhone screen

Combined with Apress’ best-selling Beginning iPhone 3 Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK, you’ll be prepared to match great code with striking design and create the app that everyone is talking about.

What you’ll learn

  • Optimize your design for the iPhone’s limited screen real estate and the mobile environment
  • Create a user interface that is eye-catching and stands apart from the crowd
  • Maximize your use of typographic elements for style and readability
  • Perfect entry views and display large amounts of data in an exciting way
  • Translate games made for the desktop’s big screen to the iPhone
  • Strike the perfect balance between simplicity, beauty, and features

Who is this book for?

iPhone application developers of all experience levels and development platforms

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