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iPod touch For Dummies

iPod touch For Dummies, 9780470880012 (0470880015), For Dummies, 2010

This is the part in which I’m supposed to introduce the iPod touch and tell you why I wrote this book, but frankly, I’m so blown away by the iPod touch and all it can do that all I want to do is get you started with it.

Yes, I have a history with iPods: I wrote iPod & iTunes For Dummies, which I recommend for studying iTunes more closely. iTunes is the free software that controls the iPod touch from your computer. I even wrote an application for the iPhone and iPod touch, called Tony’s Tips for iPhone Users. But enough about that: Obviously I’m a true fan of the iPod line, and I think you should be too! So, on with the book!

The ultimate beginner guide to the iPod touch—completely updated and in full-color!

The iPod touch combines three great products—a widescreen iPod with touch controls, a portable game console, and a breakthrough Internet device—into one small and lightweight device. With this new edition, bestselling author Tony Bove walks you through powering up your iPod touch, personalizing it, establishing a Wi-Fi connection, and synchronizing your data. You’ll explore how to surf the web, rent movies, buy songs, send and receive e-mail, get directions, check stocks, organize photos, watch videos, keep a calendar, and much more. Plus, you’ll learn how to access hundreds of thousands of apps that help you do even more with your iPod touch.

  • Covers powering up your iPod touch, getting comfortable with the touch controls, personalizing your iPod touch, and establishing a Wi-Fi connection
  • Walks you through the basics of iTunes and the iTunes store so you can buy, download, and play music and movies; create playlists; and more
  • Demonstrates how to synchronize your data, work with the calendar, organize and share photos, browse the Internet, send and receive e-mail, and get directions
  • Offers assistance for using Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter on the iPod touch
  • Explains how to browse and download applications from the App Store
  • Helps you reset, update, restore, and troubleshoot your iPod touch

iPod touch For Dummies, 2nd Edition presents you with all the updated information you need to get in touch with your iPod touch today!

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