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Kotlin Blueprints: A practical guide to building industry-grade web, mobile, and desktop applications in Kotlin using frameworks such as Spring Boot and Node.js


Get to know the building blocks of Kotlin and best practices when using quality world-class applications

Key Features

  • Learn to build exciting and scalable Android and web applications (both the server-side and client-side parts) with your Kotlin skills
  • Dive into the great ecosystem of Kotlin frameworks and libraries through projects that you’ll build using this book
  • This project-based guide contains clear instructions to help you extend your applications across a wide domain

Book Description

Kotlin is a powerful language that has applications in a wide variety of fields. It is a concise, safe, interoperable, and tool-friendly language. The Android team has also announced first-class support for Kotlin, which is an added boost to the language. Kotlin’s growth is fueled through carefully designed business and technology benefits.

The collection of projects demonstrates the versatility of the language and enables you to build standalone applications on your own. You’ll build comprehensive applications using the various features of Kotlin. Scale, performance, and high availability lie at the heart of the projects, and the lessons learned throughout this book.

You’ll learn how to build a social media aggregator app that will help you efficiently track various feeds, develop a geospatial webservice with Kotlin and Spring Boot, build responsive web applications with Kotlin, build a REST API for a news feed reader, and build a server-side chat application with Kotlin.

It also covers the various libraries and frameworks used in the projects. Through the course of building applications, you’ll not only get to grips with the various features of Kotlin, but you’ll also discover how to design and prototype professional-grade applications.

What you will learn

  • See how Kotlin's power and versatility make it a great choice to create applications across various platforms, and how it delivers business and technology benefits
  • Write a robust web applications using Kotlin with Spring Boot
  • Write Android applications with ease using Kotlin
  • Write rich desktop applications in Kotlin
  • Learn how Kotlin can generate Javascript and how this can be used on client side and server side development
  • Understand how native applications can be written with Kotlin/Native
  • Learn the practical aspects of programming in each of the applications

Who This Book Is For

This practical guide is for programmers who are already familiar with Kotlin. If you are familiar with Kotlin and want to put your knowledge to work, then this is the book for you. Kotlin programming knowledge is a must.

Table of Contents

  1. The Power of Kotlin
  2. Geospatial Messenger
  3. Social Media Aggregator Android App
  4. Weather App Using Kotlin for JavaScript
  5. Chat Application with Server-side JavaScript Generation
  6. News Feed - REST API
  7. CSV Reader in Kotlin Native
  8. Dictionary Desktop Application - Tornado FX
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