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LinkedIn For Dummies

LinkedIn For Dummies, 9781118822210 (1118822218), For Dummies, 2014

Don't be left out—link up with this fully updated introduction to the Internet's hottest professional networking tool

With more than 225 million members from over 200 countries and territories worldwide, LinkedIn.com is an unbeatable self-marketing tool. LinkedIn For Dummies teaches you how to make the most of your LinkedIn.com profile and build connections and relationships within the world’s largest professional network. This thorough introduction covers the latest LinkedIn features and how to use this valuable networking tool.

Learn how LinkedIn helps you manage relationships and networks, handle recommendations, showcase your skills and endorsements, import contacts, follow thought leaders, cultivate sales leads, find investors, market yourself, and more.

  • Provides valuable tips and explanations to help you build your profile, develop your network, manage invitations, request and write recommendations, and get involved in LinkedIn groups
  • Covers new and improved LinkedIn tools such as endorsements, people follow, company pages, groups, mobile apps, InMail, and LinkedIn Today
  • Answers frequently asked LinkedIn and job searching questions with the clear and helpful style expected of For Dummies books

Connections have never been more vital to a successful career, and LinkedIn For Dummies is here to make sure you don’t miss out on your next big opportunity!

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Small-Bowel Obstruction: CT Features with Plain Film and US correlations
Small-Bowel Obstruction: CT Features with Plain Film and US correlations
Small–bowel obstruction (SBO) is responsible for about 15% of surgical operations for an acute abdomen. In Italy, the most frequent causes of SBO are adhesions (about 60%), hernias (about 20%) and neoplasms (about 15%).Comparison with other countries is interesting. In the USA, the most frequent cause of SBO is adhesional...
Learning Cython Programming
Learning Cython Programming

Developers who like C/C++ will love the added dynamism of Cython. This practical guide gives you everything you need to start programming with Cython and enhancing your existing applications. It could change your working life.


  • Extend C applications with pure Python code
  • Expand...
Using Websphere Studio Asset Analyzer (IBM Redbooks)
Using Websphere Studio Asset Analyzer (IBM Redbooks)

This IBM Redbook describes the functions, features, and uses of IBM WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer for Multiplatforms Version 2 Release 2.

Part 1 presents a general overview of the product. In this part, we provide you with an introduction to the product by showing you key elements of the Web browser interface.

Part 2 presents...

Away3D 3.6 Essentials
Away3D 3.6 Essentials

Away3D is an impressive technology, and this book is focused on showing you how to create practical and fun 3D Flash applications with plenty of step-by-step examples, tips to help you avoid common mistakes, plain English explanations of the concepts and techniques used by Away3D, and honest advice to help you understand some of the...

Usability Engineering (Interactive Technologies)
Usability Engineering (Interactive Technologies)
The purpose of Jakob Nielsen's Usability Engineering is to help nontechnical people improve the systems so that

they are not only error-free but also easier and more pleasant to use, and more efficient. It is a book that ...shows us
how to change the world and does so admirably....One of this book's strengths is that it

The Courageous Follower: Standing Up to and for Our Leaders (2nd Edition)
The Courageous Follower: Standing Up to and for Our Leaders (2nd Edition)

This updated edition of a modern classic on followership provides the keys to creating an environment in which leaders are vigorously supported in pursuing the organization’s mission and courageously confronted when their actions threaten the organization’s well-being.

For every leader there are dozens of followers who work...

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