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Macromedia Flash MX ActionScript for Fun and Games (With CD-ROM)


Anyone with moderate Macromedia Flash experience who is looking to acquire or improve their understanding of ActionScript will find this book a valuable resource. Author Gary Rosenzweig is highly respected in the Macromedia community and pioneered the use of advanced programming techniques in Macromedia Flash. For this edition, he has updated the games from the previous edition and has added several new projects. Each chapter studies and then deconstructs a new type of game or gadget such as hunt and click games, catch and avoid games, or action and adventure games and the CD contains the project source code.

This is the second edition of Macromedia Flash ActionScript for Fun &
Games. Here you will find all the material covered in the first edition, plus
updates and 12 new games.

This book looks at ActionScript by presenting many complete programs.
Each program contains a lot of ActionScript code that you can look at, learn
from, and alter. Better still, these programs are toys, gadgets, and games.
This second edition is for Flash MX, also known as Flash 6. Although many
of the book’s first edition games will still work with Flash 5, you should be
using Flash MX if you plan to use this book to learn ActionScript.

Although Flash 5 was the first version of Flash deep enough to allow us to
make good Web-based games, Flash MX is even better. Most notably, Flash
MX is much faster than its predecessors. This means that our games will run
more smoothly on a larger number of user computers. In addition, we can
now attempt some more complex games that are only possible with this better

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