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Mobile Internet For Dummies (Computer/Tech)


Stay informed, entertained, and up to date — anywhere!

Discover the mobile Internet and surf, shop, blog, watch videos, and more!

When it comes to the Internet, you CAN take it with you! This book is packed with tips on choosing the best mobile device, software, and service provider for your needs, but that's not all. You'll see how to use your mobile Web browser, find made-for-mobile content (and create your own), and much more.

Discover how to:

  • Connect to the Web with your mobile device

  • Send and receive e-mail on the go

  • Build your own made-for-mobile Web site

  • Search the mobile Web

  • Manage bank accounts with the mobile Web

About the Author

Michael J. O’Farrell
started his mobile Internet career in the early 1990s, by pioneering the development of text messaging, mobile-phone-based applications, and the mobile Web to reach mass market audiences globally. In addition to consulting companies on how to capitalize on the power of the mobile Internet, he is vice chairman of ooober and chair of the dotMobi Advisory Group. Michael wrote this book to help his friends, family, wife, and two children in Toronto better understand his addiction to all things mobile.

John R. Levine wrote his first program in 1967 on an IBM 1130 (a computer somewhat less powerful than your typical modern digital wristwatch, only more difficult to use). Although John used to spend most of his time writing software, now he mostly writes books (including Internet For Dummies, published by Wiley Publishing, Inc.) because it’s more fun and he can do so at home in the tiny village of Trumansburg, New York, where in his spare time he was the mayor for several years.

Jostein Algroy is senior advisor for the government of Ontario, Canada. He has been active in the mobile space for more than 15 years as an international consumer market strategist and published journalist. Jostein has taught international business, strategy, new product development, and design at Copenhagen Business School. He also works with photography, having achieved awards and recognition for his art, and looks forward to the day when mobile phones are equipped with high-quality, 8-megapixel cameras.

James Pearce is the chief technology officer at dotMobi. He has the mobile Web in his veins, having worked previously at Argogroup and AnywhereYouGo and as the founder of the “old school” mobile blog WAPtastic. Variously a management consultant, a teacher, an orienteer, and an Oxford University physicist by training, James has declared every year since 1997 to be the Year of the Mobile Web. For the sake of his wife and two children, with whom he lives happily in Dublin, we hope he’s finally right.

Daniel Appelquist is an American expatriate and a dot-com refugee living in London, England, where he works as a technology strategist for Vodafone, a company he represents in the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), where he chairs the Mobile Web Best Practices working group. He is an evangelist for mobile Web topics, a published author, a frequent speaker, and a co-founder of Mobile Monday London and the Mobile 2.0 conferences. You can usually catch Dan mobile blogging while hanging out with his wife and two kids.

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