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Practical System Programming with C: Pragmatic Example Applications in Linux and Unix-Based Operating Systems


This book teaches system programming with the latest versions of C through a set of practical examples and problems. It covers the development of a handful of programs, implementing efficient coding examples.  

Practical System Programming with C contains three main parts: getting your hands dirty with multithreaded C programming; practical system programming using concepts such as processes, signals, and inter-process communication; and advanced socket-based programming which consists of developing a network application for reliable communication. 

You will be introduced to a marvelous ecosystem of system programming with C, from handling basic system utility commands to communicating through socket programming. With the help of socket programming you will be able to build client-server applications in no time. 

The “secret sauce” of this book is its curated list of topics and solutions, which fit together through a set of different pragmatic examples; each topic is covered from scratch in an easy-to-learn way. On that journey, you’ll focus on practical implementations and an outline of best practices and potential pitfalls. The book also includes a bonus chapter with a list of advanced topics and directions to grow your skills. 

What You Will Learn

  • Program with operating systems using the latest version of C
  • Work with Linux
  • Carry out multithreading with C
  • Examine the POSIX standards
  • Work with files, directories, processes, and signals
  • Explore IPC and how to work with it

Who This Book Is For

Programmers who have an exposure to C programming and want to learn system programming. This book will help them to learn about core concepts of operating systems with the help of C programming.

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