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Pro Java 7 NIO.2 (Professional Apress)

Pro Java 7 NIO.2 (Professional Apress), 9781430240112 (1430240113), Apress, 2011

The recommended entry point to start exploring the NIO.2 API, also known as “JSR 203: More New I/O

APIs for the Java Platform” (NIO.2), is the new abstract class java.nio.file.Path. This class is a milestone of NIO.2, and every application that involves I/O operations will exploit the powerful facilities of this class. Practically, it is the most commonly used class of NIO.2, since many I/O operations are based on a Path resource.

The Path class supports two types of operations: syntactic operations (almost any operation that involves manipulating paths without accessing the file system; these are logical manipulations done in memory) and operations over files referenced by paths. This chapter covers the first type of operations and introduces you to the Path API. In Chapter 4, I focus on exploring the second type of operations. The concepts presented in this chapter will be very useful in the rest of the book.

Pro Java 7 NIO.2 addresses the three primary elements that offer new input/output (I/O) APIs in Java 7, giving you the skills to write robust, scalable Java applications:

  • An extensive file I/O API system addresses feature requests that developers have sought since the inception of the JDK
  • A socket channel API addresses multicasting, socket binding associated with channels, and related issues
  • An asynchronous I/O API enables mapping to I/O facilities, completion ports, and various I/O event port mechanisms to enhance scalability

NIO.2 for the Java platform, known as JSR 203, is a major feature of the new Java JDK 7 under the leadership of Alan Bateman as an OpenJDK project. Take advantage of these exciting new developments with Pro Java 7 NIO.2.

What you’ll learn

  • How to carry out Path class operations
  • How to get/set file metadata through the java.nio file attribute API (including POSIX)
  • How to manage symbolic and hard links (including create, delete, and find target)
  • How to deal with files and directories through the new java.nio.file.Files API
  • How to use the FileVisitor API to develop file recursive operations 
  • How to explore the Watch Service API and file change notification
  • How to use the new SeekableByteChannel API for Random Access File
  • How to develop blocking/non-blocking socket-based applications
  • How to explore the jewel of NIO.2: the Asynchronous Channel API
  • How to use the Zip File System Provider and write a custom file system provider 
  • How to refactor java.io.File code

Who this book is for

This book is for experienced Java programmers new to Java 7 and those with some experience with Java 7.


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