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QlikView Scripting

QlikView Scripting, 9781782171669 (1782171665), Packt Publishing, 2013

For basic or intermediate developers, this book will give you a comprehensive understanding of QlikView, allowing tremendous speed and flexibility when it comes to scripting for data visualization. Great for reference too!


  • Understand everything about QlikView, from structuring a script to fixing it to charting object problems
  • Packed full of information and code examples to help you to understand the key concepts and features of QlikView
  • Informative screenshots help you navigate QlikView’s scripting menus and dialogs

In Detail

QlikView is a powerful business intelligence and data discovery platform that allows people to quickly develop relevant data visualization applications for business users. The relative ease of QlikView development—including backend scripting—allows applications to be developed rapidly, and allows for more collaboration in application development for business users.

A comprehensive guide that offers QlikView developers a rich discussion of scripting topics, from basic to advanced concepts, features, and functions in a compact mini-book format. This book allows developers to quickly gain confidence in understanding and expanding their QlikView scripting knowledge, and serves as a springboard for even more advanced topics in QlikView scripting.

The book starts off by covering basic topics such as connecting to data sources, scripting, dealing with load statements, data transformations, and the concepts of the basic data model. It then dives into advanced concepts such as advanced scripting and data model optimization, the creation and use of QlikView datafiles, debugging, and essential functions and features. It also provides layout tips for developers. Qlikview Scripting is a great overview and reference guide for beginner to intermediate Qlikview developers.

What you will learn from this book

  • Connect to various data sources, from external files to OLEDB/ODBC databases
  • Develop and structure a QlikView script
  • Transform data while loading from an external script
  • Discover the QlikView data modeling theory and the importance of structuring the data model
  • Optimize the data model through the use of table join concatenations, key tables, interval matching, and other useful scripting features
  • Use the QlikView Table Viewer to help you structure your data model
  • Create, use, and view information contained in QlikView data files (QVDs)
  • Debug QlikView scripts and fix problems using the syntax checker, logs, and the QlikView Debugger
  • Leverage dimensions and expressions in QlikView chart objects in the presentation layer
  • Understand common and useful QlikView script functions and expressions


This mini book offers information about QlikView scripting written in an easy-to-understand manner, and covers QlikView scripting from basic to advanced features in a compact format.

Who this book is written for

If you are a basic orintermediate developer with some knowledge of QlikView applications and a basic understanding of QlikView scripting and data extraction and manipulation, this book will be great for you. If you are an advanced user, you can also use this book as a reference guide and teaching aid. If you are a QlikView project team member such as a business user, data/ETL professional, project manager, or systems analyst, you can also benefit from gaining an understanding of the structure and the challenges of writing an efficient and useful QlikView application.

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