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RSA Security's Official Guide to Cryptography


Learn how cryptography works--from the leading authority in e-security. Cryptography is one of the smartest ways to protect the information on your network and reduce the risk of security breaches and attacks from hackers. And because implementing cryptography is a complex process, you need the practical advice and proven techniques contained inside this official guide. Written by insiders at RSA Security, this expert resource explains the differences between symmetric-key and public-key cryptography, how PKI and X.509 affect security, how the RSA algorithm works within protocols, and much more. You’ll also read actual case-studies detailing different types of security vulnerabilities and what types of cryptography applications would prevent attacks.

This book will show you how to:

  • Distinguish different types of symmetric-key encryption algorithms and know where each is best used
  • Find out how password-based encryption works
  • Communicate safely over unsecure channels using public-key technology
  • Use public-key technology for authentication and non-repudiation
  • Get details on current PKI standards and technology--including vendor information
  • Understand X.509 certificates and directory structures
  • Get an operational overview of widely-used protocols--including IPSec, SSL, and SET
  • Recognize how corporations use cryptography to improve security through real-world case studies
  • View cryptography from different perspectives--corporations, developers, and users
  • Effectively use digital signatures and hardware solutions--smart cards, tokens, key storage devices, and more

Improve security and protect your company's information with the most authoritative guide to cryptography available.

About the Author

Steve Burnett (Research Triangle Park, NC) is a freelance writer and consultant. In addition to contributing to several books in the computer industry, he co-authored the first-edition of the Windows NT & UNIX Integration Guide. Steve holds a M.S. in Technical Communication from North Carolina State University. Stephen Paine (San Mateo, CA) is a Systems Engineer at RSA Security where he explains concepts in security to corporations and developers worldwide. Stephen has worked in the security field for most of his career, first working with the security of digital communications and networks for the United States Marine Corps, as a Security Architect at SUN Microsystems, applying Cryptography and security to their ERP financial systems.
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