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SAP R/3 Administrator's Handbook

SAP R/3 Administrator's Handbook, 9780071354134 (0071354131), McGraw-Hill, 1999

Demystify today's premier client/server enterprise software!

The all-in-one guide to successfully implementing enterprise-wide business process engineering now brings you up to speed on the #1 software's latest features. SAP R/3 Handbook, Second Edition, by Jose Antonio Hernandez, explains in easy-to-follow steps all stages of R/3 installation, implementation, operation and support. You learn about the workings of the ABAP/4 development workbench, the transport system, R/3 service distribution, systems architectures and system administration, and get an in-depth look at the Basis system. In this new edition, you'll find new and expanded chapters on the latest SAP features, including:

  • The Profile Generator and the Management of Users and Authorizations
  • SAP Database Administration including Oracle8 and Microsoft SQL Server 7
  • Advanced new options within the CCMS, including new R/3 installation tools
  • Much more
The project of writing the first edition of The SAP R/3 Handbook started in the first half of 1996, not long after the major release 3.0 of R/3 began to be installed on the first sites. At the time, most SAP customers were still working with releases 2.1 and 2.2 and thinking of migrating to 3.0. The book project spanned about one year, coming to fruition in July of 1997. During that time R/3 Internet release 3.1 came out, meaning that from month to month I had to change contents and features to be as current as possible.

The pace of technology upgrades and technical enhancements is exponentially increasing, and that has been particularly true also for SAP and for R/3. So, two and a half years later, in the middle of the much anticipated EnjoySAP release, there is much change and news around the SAP world. And 1999 saw the announcement and first demonstrations of the major Internet initiative mySAP.com.

We have seen how SAP has changed from being a single−product company (R/3) to a full business solution software company (SAP Industry Solutions, New Dimension Products).

Business Framework, Internet Business Framework, and BAPIs redefined R/3 architecture and connectivity options. A major initiative for a revolutionary user interface came to light with front end enhancements and the EnjoySAP role−based interface. As new releases are coming, there are also new and enhanced installation and upgrade procedures and tools to make these activities easier and less time consuming.

About the Author
Jose Hernandez (Spain) is a project manager and technical leader for the SAP implementation at Telefonics Sistemas, a leading telecommunication company in Spain. Previously he was a software engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation, where he specialized in the technical implementation of R/3.
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