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Serverless Applications with Node.js: Using AWS Lambda and Claudia.js


Serverless Applications with Node.js walks you through building serverless apps on AWS using JavaScript. Inside, you'll discover what Claudia.js brings to the table as you build and deploy a scalable event-based serverless application, based around a pizzeria that's fully integrated with AWS services, including Lambda and API Gateway. Each chapter is filled with exercises, examples, tips, and more to make sure you're ready to bring what you've learned into your own work.

Foreword by Gojko Adzic.

Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications.

About the Technology

The benefits of cloud-hosted serverless web apps are undeniable: lower complexity, quicker time to market, and easier scalability than traditional, server-dependent designs. And thanks to JavaScript support in AWS Lambda and powerful new serverless API tools like the Claudia.js library, you can build and deploy serverless apps end to end without learning a new language.

About the Book

Serverless Applications with Node.js teaches you to design and build serverless web apps on AWS using JavaScript, Node, and Claudia.js. You'll master the basics of writing AWS Lambda functions, along with core serverless patterns like API Gateway. Along the way, you'll practice your new skills by building a working chatbot and a voice assistant with Amazon Alexa. You'll also discover techniques for migrating existing apps to a serverless platform.

What's inside

  • Authentication and database storage
  • Asynchronous functions
  • Interesting real-world examples
  • Developing serverless microservices

About the Reader

For web developers comfortable with JavaScript and Node.js.

About the Author

Slobodan Stojanovi? and Aleksandar Simovi? are AWS Serverless Heroes and core contributors to the Claudia.js project. They are also coauthors of Desole, an open source serverless errortracking tool, and the lead developers of Claudia Bot Builder.

Table of Contents

PART 1 - Serverless pizzeria

PART 2 - Let's talk

  1. Introduction to serverless with Claudia
  2. Building your first serverless API
  3. Asynchronous work is easy, we Promise()
  4. Pizza delivery: Connecting an external service
  5. Houston, we have a problem!
  6. Level up your API
  7. Working with files
  8. When pizza is one message away: Chatbots
  9. Typing... Async and delayed responses
  10. Jarvis, I mean Alexa, order me a pizza
  11. Paying for pizza
  12. Migrating to serverless
  13. Real-world case studies
  14. appendix A - Installation and configuration
  15. appendix B - Facebook Messenger, Twilio, and Alexa configuration
  16. appendix C - Stripe and MongoDB setup
  17. appendix D - The pizza recipe
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