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Silverlight Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach, Second Edition


Silverlight Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach, Second Edition is your practical companion to developing rich, interactive web applications with Microsoft’s latest technology. This book tackles common problems and scenarios that on-the-job developers face every day by revealing code and detailed solutions. You’ll quickly be able to integrate real-world, functioning code into your applications—and save hours of coding time.

The recipes included in Silverlight Recipes have been carefully selected and tested with the professional developer in mind. You’ll find problems stated clearly and succinctly, artful solutions explored, and ample discussion of the code and context so you're immediately clear how the solution will support your project. You'll also discover the innovations presented in Silverlight 4 and how to effectively employ them.

Enjoy practical coverage of Silverlight development in many projects and contexts, including:

  • Designing complete, rich, interactive user experiences
  • Manipulating content and the runtime environment through the Silverlight Plug-in Runtime API
  • Consuming, transforming, and displaying content in your Silverlight web application through XML, LINQ-based data access, and isolated storage
  • Building custom controls for your Silverlight project
  • Integrating rich media, including audio and video, to create a very dynamic user interface and experience
  • Using new Silverlight features, including .NET Framework integration, the use of dynamic languages like Python and Ruby in Silverlight development, and digital rights management support

Find instant solutions, comprehensive Silverlight coverage, and time-saving expert advice, all in one book.

What you’ll learn

  • Work with fundamental aspects of the Silverlight and XAML programming model
  • Design Silverlight user experiences
  • Use and change the Silverlight runtime environment
  • Manipulate and take advantage of browser DOM integration
  • Discover solutions to custom networking and communication scenarios, including messaging and web service integration
  • Work with structured data and storage, including using LINQ to access data
  • Develop custom controls
  • Integrate rich media into your Silverlight application
  • Utilize the latest features offered in Silverlight 4, including H.264 protected content, right-click event handling, a new printing API, and support for the Managed Extensibility Framework

Who is this book for?

Silverlight Recipes is for every Silverlight developer. The book covers all aspects of Microsoft Silverlight including the programming model, browser integration, integration with server-side technologies such as web services, and specific sections on rich media integration. All developers and architects looking for a .NET-based platform to deliver rich interactivity and media to their consumers, with deep integration with the rest of their technology stack, will find Silverlight Recipes, Second Edition a must-have guide.

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