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The Handbook of High Performance Virtual Teams: A Toolkit for Collaborating Across Boundaries

The Handbook of High-Performance Virtual Teams

The Handbook of High-Performance Virtual Teams is an essential resource for leaders, virtual team members, and work group leaders. The editors provide a proven framework based on five principles for working collaboratively across boundaries of time, space, and culture. Written by experts in the field, the contributors offer practical suggestions and tools for virtual teams who need to assess their current level of effectiveness and develop strategies for improvement. This important resource also contains an array of illustrative cases as well as practical tools for designing, implementing, and maintaining effective virtual work.

Praise for The Handbook of High-Performance Virtual Teams

"Finally, the definitive user's guide for everyone who has ever managed a virtual team: clear, practical, concise, easy to read, and complete. It takes leading virtual teams to the next level by driving results through productivity and collaboration. A must-read for every professional who hopes to be a global manager in the twenty-first century."
—Peter Giulioni, executive director, Keenan MBA Career Resource Center, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

"This handbook is essential reading for anyone responsible for starting or making virtual teams more effective. It provides the information you need about structure, leadership, the importance of trust, crossing cultural barriers, and much more."
—William C. Byham, Ph.D., chairman and CEO, Development Dimensions International, Inc.

"Leaders, managers, and team members everywhere need to learn from the best how to cultivate high performance from virtual teams, and all the frameworks to do so are in this book, served up with the wisdom of the sages of virtual teams."
—Michael Sampson, effective collaboration advisor and author, The Michael Sampson Company Limited

"This book is critical reading for leaders and practitioners facing the global virtual work environment. It provides exceptional insight into virtual teaming, which is key to producing profound business results."
—Ed Schaniel, IDS Director of Employee Involvement and Lean Integration, The Boeing Company

About the Author

Jill Nemiro is an associate professor in the Psychology and Sociology Department at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and an adjunct professor in the Human Resources Design Master's Program at Claremont Graduate University. She is the author of Creativity in Virtual Teams from Pfeiffer.

Michael Beyerlein is head of the Department of Leadership and Supervision at Purdue University. He has authored or edited nineteen books including Guiding the Journey to Collaborative Work Systems.

Lori Bradley is executive director of Organizational Effectiveness, Talent Management and Leadership Development for Wyeth, a Fortune 200 global pharmaceutical company.

Susan Beyerlein isresearch associate with the Center for Collaborative Organizations at the University of North Texas. She is the co-editor of eleven previous books.

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