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The Handbook of Nanotechnology: Business, Policy, and Intellectual Property Law

"This Handbook is sure to become the ultimate sourcebook for everyone involved in the emerging field of nanotechnology. I would strongly recommend that any entrepreneur who wishes to begin a nanotechnology company and any investor who wishes to seek funding opportunities in nanotechnology read this work cover to cover. By providing the tools to evaluate this emerging discipline, it is a modern day Pilgrims Progress for professionals in the field."
–Doug Jamison, President and CEO, Harris & Harris Group, Inc.

"This Handbook adeptly explores the complex challenges nanotechnology poses for policy makers and the business community with regard to regulations, intellectual property rights, export control issues, and public and private financing. As a member of Congress active in advancing the development of nanotechnology, I will make great use of the conclusions the authors reach and the recommendations they make as I work with my colleagues on crafting future nanotechnology policy."
–U.S. Representative Mike Honda (CA)
member, House of Representatives Committee on Science

"Chapter by chapter, this book provides comprehensive discussions of the forces that drive the business of nanotechnology today, providing invaluable assistance in avoiding the pitfalls that await start-ups and long-standing corporations alike. It captures the journey we’ve been through these last few years, and offers the lessons we’ve learned to those who follow. Every new CEO or CFO of a high-tech company will find this book an invaluable resource."
–John H. Belk, Boeing Technology Ventures, Phantom Works
Chairman, Nanotechnology Steering Committee

"Miller and his colleagues have attempted a Herculean task and have succeeded with great aplomb. The chapters on FDA review, EPA regulations, and export controls are particularly valuable and not easily accessible elsewhere. Value creation in a nanotech firm is all about intellectual property, and Miller’s team excels in this area. The authors are also very adroit at putting a spin on business issues as they specifically apply to nanotech."
–David E. Reisner, PhD, President & CEO of The Nano Group™, Inc.
its subsidiaries, Inframat® Corp. and US Nanocorp®, Inc.

"This is the first book to offer in-depth coverage of business, legal, and policy issues for the field of nanotechnology. It is a great resource for anyone seeking to read about the early leaders in nanotechnology business, as well as an authoritative guide for navigating the maze of legal and policy issues facing emerging nanotechnology enterprises."
–Stephen Maebius, Partner at law firm of Foley & Lardner
Leader of the Nanotechnology Industry Team

About the Author
JOHN C. MILLER is Vice President of Intellectual Property at Arrowhead Research Corporation, a publicly traded nanotech company. He is also a Managing Editor of Nanotechnology Law & Business and has authored several articles on legal and policy issues in biotechnology and nanotechnology. Miller is a member of the California Bar and federal courts in the Northern District of California. He graduated Order of the Coif from Stanford Law School.

RUBEN SERRATO is a member of the research and development group at Canon U.S.A. He is Canon’s Venture Capital representative in NGEN Partners and has helped to conceive and launch Canon’s first U.S. nanotechnology venture, Canon U.S. Life Sciences. Serrato’s background includes extensive strategy and finance work for Lehman Brothers and Liberty Media. He graduated with degrees in economics and political science from Stanford University and he is currently completing his masters there.

JOSE MIGUEL REPRESAS-CARDENAS is the recipient of a Department Fellowship from the Department of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, where he is a graduate student (currently on leave). He received a BSc in mechanical and electrical engineering from the Monterrey Institute of Technology in Monterrey, Mexico.

GRIFFITH A. KUNDAHL serves as General Counsel and Vice President of the NanoBusiness Alliance and has served as a member of the Colorado Technology Alliance Nanotechnology Council. He is a founder and advisor to the Colorado Nanotechnology Initiative and an Associate Editor of Nanotechnology Law & Business. Kundahl is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania (BA), the University of Alabama (MA), and the University of Denver College of Law (JD). Currently, he practices law in Colorado.

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