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Architect's Portable Handbook

Architect's Portable Handbook, 9780071409810 (0071409815), McGraw-Hill, 2003

Includes the new International and NFPA building codes!

When it comes to providing architects with quick, accurate guidance for a complete range of on-the-job issues, no book matches The Architect's Portable Handbook from McGraw-Hill.

And now, with the updated and expanded Third Edition, The Architect's Portable Handbook delivers the latest code and cost information--along with a wealth of easy-to-follow diagrams, charts, tables, and checklists for building materials, components, and assemblies.

With a structure that parallels the progress of a typical architectural project, the book delivers powerful, pertinent coverage of every step of the process: from initial planning and estimating through design and coverage.

Written with insight by Pat Guthrie, The Architect's Portable Handbook is the hands-down choice for thousands of architects, contractors, and design professionals who seek solid, first-step rules of thumb for building design.

Get practical coverage of:

* Sitework
* Thermal and Moisture Protection
* Interiors
* Assemblies
* Mechanical and Electrical Systems
* And much, much more!

About the Author

John Patten ("Pat") Guthrie, AIA, is principal of John Pat Guthrie Architects, Inc. A resident of Scottsdale, Arizona, Pat has been licensed as an architect in 13 states. He is also the author of McGraw-Hill's Cross Check: Integrating Building Systems and Working Designs and Interior Designer's Portable Handbook. Pat occasionally teaches at the FLW School of Architecture at Taliesen West. He and his wife Janet are the parents of two grown children, Eric and Erin. Pat's avocations include world travel, art, sailing, and history.

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