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Azure and Xamarin Forms: Cross Platform Mobile Development


Discover how to create cross platform apps for Android, iOS and UWP using Azure services and C# with Xamarin Forms. This book illustrates how to utilize Azure cloud storage for serving up Azure SQL DB data through Azure App Services.

The book starts by setting up Xamarin and introducing Xamarin Forms and then covers the Azure Portal from a developer’s perspective and goes on to demonstrate how to build an Azure Service using Quickstart. You'll also see how to add Azure support to Xamarin Forms application. You'll review in detail how to build a Xamarin Form with Azure Client and modify an existing app to become a Xamarin Forms Client for Azure with offline synchronization.

You then move on to third-party controls that speed up development. By the end of the book, you will be able to use Azure and Xamarin together and master how to use Azure Mobile Quickstarts, Azure SQL plumbing, database synchronization and Xamarin Forms.

What You'll Learn

  • Create a Xamarin Forms App and understand the Structure of a Xamarin Forms App. 
  • Navigate pages and use platform specific coding. 
  • Use images, ListView and the Azure Mobile App Quickstart to build a Service and  Xamarin Forms app
  • Modify an existing app to use Azure Client Libraries, understand offline storage with SQLite and incorporate offline synchronization

Who This Book Is For 

Software developers new to Xamarin and/or Azure and for the developers who are familiar with both the technologies to use in mobile apps.

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