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Beginning the Linux Command Line

Beginning the Linux Command Line, 9781430218890 (1430218894), Apress, 2009
This is Linux for those of us who don’t mind typing. All Linux users and administrators tend to like the flexibility and speed of Linux administration from the command line in byte–sized chunks, instead of fairly standard GUIs. Beginning the Linux Command Line follows a task–oriented approach and is distribution agnostic.
  • Work with files and directories.
  • Administer users and security.
  • Understand how Linux is organized.

What you’ll learn

  • Finding help from in–system resources
  • Finding the right command for the task you have to accomplish
  • Working with text editors and intelligent filters
  • Shell programming
  • Managing partitions and file systems
  • Configuring access to hardware devices

Who is this book for?

Everyone who uses Linux. No exceptions.

About the Author

Sander van Vugt is an independent trainer and consultant, living in the Netherlands and working throughout the European Union. He specializes in Linux and Novell systems, and has worked with both for over ten years. Besides being a trainer, he is also an author, having written more than 20 books and hundreds of technical articles. He is a Master Certified Novell Instructor (MCNI) and holds LPIC-1 and -2 certificates, as well as all important Novell certificates.
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