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BlackBerry For Dummies (Computer/Tech)

Make phone calls, e-mail, track appointments, and even remember the grocery list

Wow — it's a phone, a PDA, and an Internet connection, and it's one-fourth the size of this book! You need the book, though, to explain in plain English what it can do. Find out how to use every terrific feature built into your BlackBerry, make your life more productive, and astonish everyone with your efficiency.

Discover how to

  • Manage e-mail from your BlackBerry
  • Protect data security
  • Upload contacts from other phones
  • Set up speed dialing
  • Install a new application
  • Sync your BlackBerry and back up data
About the Author
Robert Kao is one well-rounded professional. His ability to translate his technical knowledge and communicate in many languages with users of all types inevitably led him to develop BlackBerry applications for various financial firms in New York City — that truly global city. A graduate of Columbia University — with a Computer Engineering degree, of course — he currently lives in Somerset, NJ.

Dante Sarigumba has been working with computers for over 13 years. Currently, he’s writing BlackBerry applications for a major investment bank in New York. With his engineering background, he’s been a longtime gizmo enthusiast, which probably explains his interest in BlackBerries. He writes applications for the BlackBerry platform in his spare time (believe it or not) and writes the occasional article for the BlackBerry Developer Journal.

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