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Business Continuity Planning for Data Centers and Systems: A Strategic Implementation Guide


Praise for Business Continuity Planning for Data Centers and Systems: A Strategic Implementation Guide

"Continuity is a primary business driver. This timely book offers a refreshingly honest road map to informed decision making by one of the mission critical industry's foremost real estate experts. It is a must-read for anyone thinking about 7x24."
—Gerald Gehm, AIA, LEED AP, Principal, Gensler

"Ron is a knowledgeable player in the data center community with a great breadth of experience. He has assembled a terrific guide here that will be a valuable reference for anyone planning a major data center project."
—Joshua Rabina, cofounder and co-President, Sentinel Data Centers

"Ron Bowman's experience in data centers is unique among real estate development professionals. He offers a macro perspective on a holistic set of data center issues, from site selection to design to today's new energy challenges."
—Bob Morris, Principal, Corgan Associates

"I met Ron almost twenty years ago in a riser closet of a building that turned out to be one of the first intelligent or smart buildings in the NYC area. He is a strategic leader in business continuity planning and has been an invaluable resource for site planning and network implementation. This book is a must-read for anyone in the business continuity arena."
—Anthony J. Ontiveros, Vice President/GM, RCN Telecom Services

"An admirable and audacious effort to tackle a difficult and complex subject and make it enjoyable to read. A must for all professionals in the data center industry."
—Peter Gross, Chief Executive Officer, EYP Mission Critical Facilities, Inc.

How well is your business prepared to survive an interruption?

A must-read for everyone who wants to ensure the protection and continuity of their business, Business Continuity Planning for Data Centers and Systems is an invaluable "toolkit" for CEOs and managers who find themselves in the role of internal consultant on corporate business continuity planning.

Practical and much needed, this book removes the guesswork and frustration from the business continuity implementation project and provides essential guidance on how to develop, test, and maintain plans to handle emergencies, protect people, and ensure that business continues—come what may.

About the Author

Ronald H. Bowman Jr. is the Executive Vice President of Tishman Technologies. He is a veteran real estate professional with over twenty years of expe-rience in directing leasing, consulting, construction, and management programs, both nationally and internationally. As Executive Vice President, he assists corporate clients with their technology and data center, construction, business continuity, and mission-critical facilities needs, and how they can enhance a company's real estate assets and operations.

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