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Chemical Process Safety: Learning from Case Histories

"Given his extensive background in an industrial setting as a team leader at the PPG Chlor-Alkali Plant in Louisiana and the safety course that he taught for AIChE with the well-known safety expert Trevor Kletz, the quantity of information of a practical nature contained in this book is not surprising."
 - Gary Bennett, Journal of Hazardous Materials

'...well written, easy to read, well illustrated and contains a wealth of valuable information.'
 - Chemical Engineering

Gives insight into eliminating specific classes of hazards, while providing real case histories with valuable messages. There are practical sections on mechanical integrity, management of change, and incident investigation programs, along with a long list of helpful resources.

New chapter in this edition covers accidents involving compressors, hoses and pumps.
  • Stay up to date on all the latest OSHA requirements, including the OSHA required Management of Change, Mechanical Integrity and Incident Investigation regulations.
  • Learn how to eliminate hazards in the design, operation and maintenance of chemical process plants & petroleum refineries.
  • World-renowned expert in process safety, Roy Sanders, shows you how to reduce risks in your plant.
  • Learn from the mistakes of others, so that your plant doesnt suffer the same fate.
  • Save lives, reduce loss, by following the principles outlined in this must-have text for process safety. There is no other book like it!
In this easy-to-understand book, the author, drawing on his many years of practical experience, addresses the problems experienced with management of change in chemical plants. He cites examples of the consequences of the insufficient review of changes implemented to solve one problem, which then create another. Unwise chemical plant modifications are one of the major causes of chemical plant accidents and all proposed good ideas involving change require careful review and analysis before implementation. Illustrated with many case histories this book highlights the incidents of unforseen, undesirable consequences of unwise change within chemical and petrochemical plants and petroleum refineries.

Provides a series of short, descriptive accidents complete with supporting sketches and vivid photos. Introduces the subject of risk and addresses how risks are preceived. DLC: Chemical processes--Safety measures.

About the Author
Roy E. Sanders, Chemical Engineer, is a Compliance Team Leader for the Chlor/Alkali Production facilities at PPG Industries, Lake Charles, Louisiana. He has specialized in Process Safety since 1974, and was Superintendent of Loss Prevention at PPG from 1982 to 1998. After graduating from Louisiana State University, in 1965, with a BS in Chemical Engineering, he held various operations and technical positions at PPG involving chlor/alkali and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

He has been the principal author of many practical articles published on chemical process safety that offer a within-the-fence look at that activity from an operations, maintenance and engineering standpoint. His book, Management of Change in Chemical Plants ,1993, received excellent peer reviews. His second book Chemical Process Safety: Learning from Case Histories was released in early 1999 and is sold so well that it was reprinted.

Mr. Sanders has served as Chairman of PPG Lake Charles' Emergency Response Planning Committee, and Chairman of the Technical Safety Review Board. He was responsible for process hazards analyses and has investigated numerous process accidents.
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