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Data Modeler's Workbench: Tools and Techniques for Analysis and Design

"This book is chock-full of useful techniques and tips for improving data models and designs. And it’s an entertaining read as well–a terrific combination!"
–Wayne Eckerson, Director of Education and Research, The Data Warehousing Institute

A data model is the heart and soul of any application, providing a foundation for efficient data entry and retrieval. It needs to be consistent with other models within your organization, accurately capture the current business requirements, and evolve to support changing business needs.

Data Modeler’s Workbench contains more than twenty finely tuned tools aimed at improving the speed, accuracy, flexibility, and consistency of your database, data warehouse, and operational applications. Steve Hoberman explains each tool with the help of detailed examples, showing how to apply each tool and where in the operational and reporting environment each tool is most effective. You can customize the tools in this book for your particular industry, organization, or project.

The companion Web site features:

  • Downloadable copies of the worksheets and checklists that modelers can use on their own projects
  • Updates on the latest tools, techniques, and discussion forums
  • Links to other data modeling sites

Advance Praise:

"Any data modeler should own a copy of Steve Hoberman’s book on data modeling tools and techniques."
–David Marco, President, Enterprise Warehousing Solutions, Inc.

"Steve Hoberman has written a truly valuable book that is sure to advance the discipline of data modeling."
–David Wells, Founder and Principal Consultant, Infocentric

Wiley Computer Publishing
Timely. Practical. Reliable.

Visit our Web site at www.wiley.com/compbooks/
Visit the companion Web site at www.wiley.com/compbooks/hoberman
Visit Steve Hoberman’s Web site at www.stevehoberman.com

About the Author
STEVE HOBERMAN is the Lead Data Warehouse Developer for Mars, Inc. He has been data modeling since 1990 for the telecommunications, financial, and manufacturing industries. He speaks regularly at The Data Warehousing Institute conferences on advanced data modeling.

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